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RE: [ogfs-dev]Lock server fail recovery

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> >> First of all, did I understand correctly that the memexpd 
> daemon is, 
> >> effectively, the only way to get OpenGFS working?
> >
> >Currently yes, but we are working at adding a different locking
> >system (DLM).  Since DLM sitributes the locking responsibilities
> >among the cluster nodes, there is no real server, removing the
> >single point of failure with memexpd.
> Is separating the cluster/locking code in memexp locking 
> module and using external cluster manager(e.g. heartbeat) on 
> the TODO plan? This seems to be duplicate
> work with OpenDLM.
> -Guochun

I would vote for focusing on OpenDLM.  It seems fundamentally to be a better lock manager, due to:

-- less LAN traffic (no repeated polling/loading of lock data when lock not immediately available)

-- no single point of failure

It's nice that memexp "works", but I think we need to get beyond it as soon as possible, just as we did with pool.

-- Ben --

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