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Re: [ogfs-dev]opengfs and multi-node bonnie++ test problem

Try to run each bonnie process in separate subfolders (i.e. /gfs/node1, 
/gfs/node2, etc.), when you do a lot of i/o in one folder, you get a lot of 
locking contention on the folder's inode, so it would basically make the 
others wait until one node is done, and then the others would be allowed to 
go. Let us know if that works for you. Somebody else may have some other 
suggestions. I am working on a tuning doc right now that goes over some of 
these issues and some common fixes for them.

--Brian Jackson

On Wednesday 16 July 2003 10:49 pm, hufh@Lenovo.com wrote:
> hi,all:
> i run into a problem when i run bonnie++ test on gfs 0.2.1.
> the following is my test enviornment:
<snip nodes>
> on node2,node3 and node4,bonnie++1.30 is run concurrently as follows:
> node2 bonnie++# ./bonnie++ -d /gfs -s 2048 -uroot:root
> node3 bonnie++# ./bonnie++ -d /gfs -s 2048 -uroot:root
> node4 bonnie++# ./bonnie++ -d /gfs -s 2048 -uroot:root
> node3 completed all the tests successfully,

I'm assuming you meant node4 here

> but node2 and node3 only completed putc() and write(),
> when rewrite() test is run, the two nodes seems no progress for a
> very long time.
> i wonder anyone have been complete such test under 3+ nodes.
> FYI:two nodes' test have no problem.
> Best Regards!
> Yours Sincerely
> Hu Fenghua

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