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Re: [ogfs-dev]mkfs.ogfs on raw block device

Alright, I should stop talking out of my @$$. There is only a limit to the max 
number of memexp clients. I thought it was 16, but it's actually 32 
(./src/locking/modules/memexp/memexp.h:89 in case you were curious.). There 
is also a limit on the number of devices you are allowed to have in a pool of 
32(./src/pool/pool.h:37), I don't know if Franco is hitting that, but I know 
I was on the OSDL hardware, just didn't know it till now.


On Thursday 08 May 2003 09:57 am, Cahill, Ben M wrote:
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> > You doing 20 journals on both? If so, Ben we should limit the
> > number of
> > journals to the same limit as the number of nodes allowed.
> Where/how is this limited (I didn't realize there was a limit)?
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