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[ogfs-dev]ogfs_jadd and EVMS FSIM


I read all the responses to my last e-mail and I was obviously unclear.

I was talking about the ogfs_jadd process of growing a ogfs 
cluster from N nodes to M nodes.

My understanding of the process today:

At mkfs.ogfs time the number of journals (N) is defined via the -j N option.

For the cluster to be extended from N nodes to M nodes requires the 
creation of M-N additional journals via ogfs_jadd.

Since journals have been tightly associated with journal sub-pools, I 
_assume_ that ogfs_jadd will have to be modified to understand the 
new external journal mechanisms.  

Note: I don't think ogfs_jadd works today, so this may be a non-trivial effort.

Secondly, after ogfs_jadd is modified and works, I was thinking it might 
make sense to invoke ogfs_jadd from a EVMS FSIM.

Ram, possibly you could say if that is appropriate or not.  (i.e. Does 
EVMS know when nodes are being added to a cluster?)

Greg Freemyer


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