Re: make fails after git pull

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On Mon, 20 Sep 2010 21:18:08 -0700
Patrick Horgan <phorgan1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The line that fails first (gegl-sampler-linear.c:65 is:
> static void gegl_sampler_linear_get (GeglSampler* restrict self,
>                                       const gdouble         x,
>                                       const gdouble         y,
>                                       void*        restrict output);
> and it seems that gcc is not recognizing the restrict keyword.  Does 
> anyone have a clue of how I can resolve it?

configure should be defining an appropriate representation for restrict
(through the use of AC_C_RESTRICT in

Can you confirm that config.h contains an appropriately generated
define for restrict? Perhaps you need to rerun to rebuild

- Danny
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