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More questions...

1. C standard
The docs state "ANSI C" as a feature. Is that actually meant in the 
strict sense of C89, not C99? Does that hold for (babl-)extensions as 
well? I'm specifically thinking about inline and inttypes.h.

2. Clipping
CIE.c currently clips RGB results to 0.0-1.0, i.e. sRGB. This leads to 
any inter-CIE conversion which is routed through RGBA-double to be 
clipped to sRGB. Is that by design or a bug?

Should there be
   - no clipping (not even to scRGB)
   - clipping to scRGB (CIE-to-CIE, e.g. might suffer)
   - clipping to sRGB, as it is now?

Who should be responsible for clipping?
   - the conversion function? (has no knowledge of final
     conversion target)
   - babl? (at least knows final target)
   - the application using babl?

Just some questions I stumbled over today. ;)

BTW, sorry for the duplicate RGBA-double bug. No idea how I could miss that.


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