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hce wrote:
> I could not build gegl-0.1.0 on Debian 4.0 with the glib version 2.12
> in /usr/lib. So, I built glib2.20 in a local directory and set it up
> in pkg-config and ldconfig. But I could not remove /usr/lib/glib2.12
> version as many dependant gnome applications would also be removed. It
> ended up with both versions of glib in pkg-config and ldcondig.
> It was fine to run the gegl configure, it picked up glib2.20, but it
> failed in make although both glib2.12 in /usr/lib/ and
> glib2.20 were included in libtool link command:

You don't need to manually bother with environment variables if you 
follow the advice here:

You use the same prefix for both GLib and GEGL and the other 
dependencies you have

If libtool still refuses to link correctly you can try to remove (or 
better, move away) the *.la files in /usr/lib and $gegl_prefix/lib, iirc 
this sometimes fixes the weird problems.



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