Re: Passing parameter to sampler from XML file

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Most likely names of the resamplers at this point are either:

upsharp and upsmooth 


sharpupsize and smoothupsize

for the samplers tuned for warps in which upsampling is more typical
than downsampling (e.g., for image enlargement), and either

downsharp and downsmooth 


sharpdownsize and smoothdownsize

for the samplers tuned for warps which mostly downsample (e.g., for
producing thumbnails).


It turns out that the above schemes have cheap/less cheap
versions. What I am thinking of doing is either prefixing or suffixing
the above names with the word "fast" for the faster/lower quality
versions, for example

fastsharpupsize and fastsmoothupsize

which would correspond to nohalo level 1 and snohalo level 1, while
sharpupsize and smoothupsize would correspond to s/nohalo level 2.

Feedback welcome.

Nicolas Robidoux
Laurentian University 
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