Re: Cleaning up gegl_buffer_void

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Adam Turcotte wrote:
> I noticed that there is a method in gegl-buffer.c called
> gegl_buffer_void () that contains a comment /* FIXME: handle z==0
> correctly */. The code seemed rather messy, so I cleaned it up without
> modifying the behaviour

Nice thanks

>  (I'm fairly certain).

There is no need to be unsure here, since these kind of changes should 
come along with test cases (unless there already is a tests for this 
code, which I suspect is the case). The test for GEGL lives in ./tests 
and you run them with 'make check'.

> Below, I provide the original code and my modified version, along with
> an explanation of the changes I have made.

Instead, please provide the changes as a patch, and the reasoning in the 
commit message. GEGL uses git for version control.

Best regards,
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