Plans for GEGL GPU-support (feedback needed)

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GSoC community-bonding period is coming to a close.  In lieu of this,
the following is my list of current (and tentative) plans for GEGL

1. gegl_init & gegl_exit: Implement OpenGL initialization and
finalization.  Some OpenGL extension checks should also be included to
insure the presence of essential OpenGL features we need.

2. GeglTile: Expose a mechanism to specify if a given tile should
store its internal pixel data in main memory (RAM) or GPU memory.

3. GeglTile: Modify the existing CPU/RAM-based accessor methods to map
OpenGL textures (using PBOs) to virtual memory when the tile's
internal pixel data is stored in GPU memory.

4. GeglTile: Expose methods that set and get GPU-based pixel data as
OpenGL textures.  These methods will upload/download pixel data
to/from the GPU when the tile's internal pixel data is stored in RAM.

5. Introduce a new GEGL class: GeglTileFactory.  Objects of this class
will consistently create GPU-based tiles only or CPU-based tiles only.

6. GeglTileSource: Include a tile factory in GeglTileSource.  This
insures that all tile sources are decoupled from the creation of the
tiles they use.

7. Modify some tile sources to create tiles using their tile
factories.  The following is a list of current tile source classes
that create tiles directly:

  GeglTileBackendTiledir (?)

8. GeglBuffer: Provide a mechanism (at construction-time?) to specify
whether or not all cached GeglBuffer tiles are GPU-based.  A GPU-based
buffer will instantiate a tile factory that will create GPU-based
tiles only.  All sources (i.e. all sources in the buffer hierarchy)
should inherit this tile factory.  The same is also true for
CPU/RAM-based buffers.

9. GeglBuffer: Provide GPU-based pixel data accessors.  As per
GeglTile, all CPU/RAM-based access on a GPU-based buffer will map the
internal OpenGL textures to virtual memory.  And all GPU-based access
on a CPU/RAM-based buffer will upload/download pixel data to/from GPU

10. Introduce a new GEGL class: GeglGpuBufferIterator.  Objects of
this class will use GeglBuffer's GPU-based pixel data accessors to
iterate over the buffer's contents.

11. GeglNode: Detect if a GPU-based buffer should be used given the
following constraints:

  a. OpenGL is supported in the host machine.
  b. All required OpenGL extensions are supported in the host machine.
  c. The GeglOperation attached to the GeglNode publishes GPU-support.

12. Implement GPU-support for some GeglOperations.  I should probably
start with point filter and point composer operations (as suggested by
Øyvind) as they are the easiest to implement in OpenGL.

I still have some issues to sort out.  Particularly nasty is the
problem of what texture formats we should use to store the pixel data.
 The problem is that not all texture formats are supported as render
targets (shader outputs) for some GPU vendors.

For example, we may be able to store RGBA pixels with 32-bit floating
point channels (scRGB) but we can't really use that same format as
output for our shaders (at least, for some GPU vendors).  I still
haven't investigated this thoroughly.  The reference I'm using is
slightly outdated (circa 2005).  I'm still looking for further
references and assurance.  Perhaps, someone in this list could offer
some help?

As I've said, these are tentative.  I'm still waiting for feedback
from both the GEGL & OpenGL experts.  If you have anything to say,
please do.  Your help is both needed and appreciated.

As for the project's schedule, I will probably spend most of my time
prototyping, implementing and testing items #1-#10 above.  As such,
the weeks before the mid-term will be used to code against GEGL's
current buffer architecture.  After the mid-term, I expect to
implement #11-#12 above, benchmark some implemented GeglOperations and
provide groundwork for GPU-support to other operations and resamplers.

Kind regards,

P.S.  Please keep the criticisms constructive.  :)
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