Re: Introduction to GEGL Buffers

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Christopher Montgomery writes:
 > ...
 > Ah, you mean that the implementation is easier, not that the output
 > results differ?
 > ...


Can we start from scratch? I'm afraid that we may take a long time
explaining to each other exactly what we mean, with the most likely
end result that we agree with each other on the essential (code-wise
consequences). I started the ball rolling being vague, let me see if I
can stop it.

It's not that I don't welcome your input (I actually sought it, and it
is important to me that we align the GEGL resampler team with their
GIMP counterparts), it is just that I am too tired/busy to get into a
"I actually mean this, which really is the same although it is
different from what you mean, is that right? Oh! you were talking
about this limited situation but I was talking about the more general
one and things are not the same but you can emulate the other if you
are willing to blah blah blah" debate.

It's more important to me to be useful than to be right.

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