Re: Building GCC for ARM and Linux/ucLibc

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On 03.08.2012 07:53, Kai Ruottu wrote:
1.8.2012 16:40, Ian Lance Taylor kirjoitti:
On Tue, Jul 31, 2012 at 7:48 AM, Christophe Lyon <christophe.lyon@xxxxxx> wrote:
I have some trouble to build the right cross-GCC for ARM running Linux and
ucLibc, which I want to support -fstack-protector.

Indeed, if I use arm-uclinuxeabi or arm-unknown-uclinux-uclibcgnueabi as
--target triplet, GCC's configure says:
checking __stack_chk_fail in target C library... no
I have also looked at config.gcc, and I think the triplet should also match
arm*-*-uclinux* to get the right configuration.

What triplet should I use?
I don't know.  Perhaps the uClibc developers can suggest something.

I see that the tree supports *-*-linux-uclibc in various cases.  But I
do also see uclinux used.  I'm not sure why this discrepancy arose.

The '' tells  about uClinux:

"intended for microcontrollers without Memory Management Units (MMUs)"

meanwhile Linux is for CPUs with MMUs. There is the difference I think... So
the target(s) '*-*-linux-uclibc' are Linuces which use uClibc as their C
not the normal 'glibc', "GNU C library"...

So Christophe, which one you want your opsys kernel to be, Linux or uClinux?

Since my target is MMU-less, I guess I want uClinux, but as Ian confirmed, it looks like at least the test for
stack_check_fail should also match uclinux.


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