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On 12 July 2012 15:42, Arthur Schwarz wrote:
> Thank you Johathan;
> Didn't think of that. A novel and productive idea.
> There is only one 'rub', I had a linker (alas, not a loader error as originally
> stated) error which I  reported and was told that it was difficult to change the
> linker and would probably not be done. This was, to me, the somewhat obscure
> "vtable undefined" message with an erroneous line reported where the error was
> to have occurred. Reporting the error to bugzilla would not be effective, in
> this case, because the error was well known and would not be fixed. An external
> explanation seems to be the only recourse.

That one's described at the link I gave you previously:

And all over the internet, searching for "undefined reference vtable"
gives several htis that explain it.

It's probably the most well-documented (by third parties) of all the
errors you might get from GCC.

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