Building static libgcc with different flags than the shared one

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I'm trying to find out whether it is possible let the build process of gcc building the libgcc.a library using different flags than the shared libgcc. The build process seems to generate two flavors of each object, e.g., _floatundidf.o and _floatundidf_s.o. I looked in the generated Makefile that drives the libgcc build but found no obvious way how I can specify different flags (this is on gcc 4.5.3 for ppc). The goal is to build the objects of the shared object with -fPIC while the static ones shouldn't be built using this flag. (I probably could use the multilib stuff but I don't know how to disable/enable a particular flavor, i.e., don't build the shared without -fPIC). Any help is highly appreciated!


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