Re: Address rejected by TARGET_LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS_P recreated in post reload CSE pass at -O2

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On 22 May 2012 19:18, Ian Lance Taylor <iant@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm really guessing here, but it sounds like you have an insn with an
> operand that uses an m constraint but for which the operand predicate
> accepts operands that do not meet that constraint.  In general for every
> RTL that the operand predicate accepts you must have a constraint that
> can match that operand.  Based on your description even general_operand
> ought to reject the symbolicRef address.
> Ian

Thanks Ian,

It is exactly as you said.  I fixed my predicate for that instruction.
 So what was earlier a general_operand now checks for general_operand
and in addition, it checks for the operand to be a MEM (PLUS (MULT
(REG  CONST_INT))  SYMBOL_REF) and rejects those operands.

However, I still get the same problem.  What I noticed is that the
address conversion from using a REG instead of a SYMBOL_REF happens at
the IRA stage.  I presume it is having register pressure and since the
register that contains the SYMBOL_REF is used only for these kind of
addresses, it knocks off the REG and replaces it with the SYMBOL_REF
itself.  But the problem is how to make it not do so.  Does it check
the instruction predicates when it does this transformation in the
IRA?  I feel it doesn't.  It just looks at the REG_EQUIV and REG_EQUAL
expression lists and carries out the transformation based on that.


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