trouble building gcc 4.7 on x64 ubuntu derivative

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Any help would be great.  I apologize if I missed some important bit
of documentation.  Essentially, I cannot find my newly compiled
binaries gcc, g++, etc.

I wanted a side-by-side install of 4.7 alongside the pre-existing gcc
4.6.1, so unpacked the tarball to /usr/local/bin/gcc-4.7.0.  I then
created directories as directed, with objdir=/usr/local/gcc2install
and dirname=/usr/local/gcc2.  From /usr/local/gcc2install, I ran

sudo /usr/local/bin/gcc-4.7.0/cofigure --prefix=/usr/local/gcc2

Then sudo make.  It yielded no critical errors that I could notice but
the process did not write any files to /usr/local/gcc2.  I then ran
locate gcc47 (locate gcc yields many references to the pre-existing
install), which yielded nothing.  I then ran

make -k check &> ~/testgcc

which took around a half an hour and said that everything is
configured fairly well.

Any ideas on where to find the binaries?


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