Re: Creating Hello World Program

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On 05/09/2012 12:23 PM, klperez wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I am sorry if this has been posted somewhere else, but after trying to find
> this post for over an hour I have given up searching. My problem is with
> this simple program:
> ----------------------------------------------------Beginning of
> Code----------------------------------------------------------
> #include <iostream>
> using namespace std;
> int main()
> {
>        cout << "Hello World\n";
>        return 0;
> }
> ------------------------------------------------------Ending of
> Code-----------------------------------------------------------
> I keep getting error messages about unrecognized use of std::cout, which
> seems like a terrible and misleading bug, because code block seems to
> recognize cout. When I type the first three letters of cout (cou) it
> suggests the command "cout" so clearly it recognizes it. Plus, I tested to
> see if it would suggest cout if I did not include iostream, which it
> doesn't.
It sounds like you're using some sort of IDE that is filling stuff in
for you and building for you?  The code as written compiles and runs
fine with gcc.  It's unlikely that you could get gcc to complain about
that.  It's perfectly well written code.

Perhaps if you gave more information about the operating system (mac vs
windows vs unix/linux), the ide you're using, the gcc version you're
running, etc., then someone could help. 
> So how can I get rid of this error message? And why is this information not
> available on GCC's main page? Not having this information available is like
> having kinder garden teach how to multiple and not teach how to add.
It's unclear what information you're asking for.


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