Re: trying to build a DLL on Windows 7 gcc using 3rd party libraries

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3.5.2012 19:35, Ray Holme kirjoitti:

I may have found the problem here, but I am in Microsoft land and am not sure of myself.
It would appear that the version of gcc that I installed is 32 bit - the name is MINGW32.
It would appear that the version of the firebird software is 64 bit so the libraries are 64 bit.

If the "firebird" means the following :

then there shouldn't be any mistake about what one has
downloaded and what not...

I downloaded both the 32-bit and 64-bit ZIP-packages and
looked if my 'i586-mingw32' target binutils could handle
these files. The result was :

- the 32-bit 'fbclient_ms.lib' could be viewed nicely with
  'nm', 'objdump' etc.

- the 64-bit 'fbclient_ms.lib' could not be viewed with
  'nm', 'objdump' etc.

Seemingly my GNU binutils for MinGW host/target were too old :

C:\opt\firebird64\lib>\opt\cross\i586-mingw32\bin\objdump --version
GNU objdump (Linux/GNU Binutils)

Generally I'm not aware of the 64-bit MinGW situation,
using the 32-bit '' or
some earlier version could work with the 32-bit MinGW
tools, I think...

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