Re: Distributing a .so built with GCC 4.7.0

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Thanks Ian, it looks as though a version script is exactly what I need :)

On 27 April 2012 15:01, Ian Lance Taylor <iant@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> calzakk <calzakk@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> I've got GCC 4.7.0 built and am using this to build a component (.so).
>>  This will be built on certain platforms (Solaris and various Linux
>> distros) then distributed to users, who will then integrate it into
>> their application.
>> I can't require that they then build GCC 4.7.0 - they'll likely be
>> using an older version, even the stock 3.4.2 on Solaris 10.
>> So what's the best course of action for me to take?  Should I
>> distribute and (from my GCC 4.7.0
>> installation) along with my component that users can use instead of
>> what's with their compiler?  Is this nonstandard and/or dangerous?
>> Should I statically link my component with these instead? (I haven't
>> quite got this working, but I understand this will cause problems
>> anyway?)
> In general everything should work correctly if the final program uses
> the newer and  Note that it won't work if
> the final program attempts to use both and
> Natively statically linking your shared library with libstdc++ and
> libgcc (which you can do using -static-libstdc++ -static-libgcc) will
> not work reliably if your customer winds up using your library with GCC
> 4.8.0 in the future.  But you can make -static-libstdc++ -static-libgcc
> work reliably by using a version script (this is how
> ensures backward compatibility, in the sense that a program compiled by
> GCC 4.6.0 can run with a built by GCC 4.7.0).  You would
> write your version script to only expose the symbols that are part of
> your interface, and to hide all other symbols including all libsdtc++
> symbols.
> Or, you can distribute and, and explain to
> the user that they should arrange to link dynamically against the newest
> version of these libraries, either yours or (once they are using GCC
> 4.8.0 or later) theirs.
> Ian

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