RE: g++: error: -fuse-linker-plugin is not supported in this configuration

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Do you mind answering the two questions below:

> Two more dumb questions:
> 1) Should I / how do I tell do it to build the standard libs with -flto?
> 2) Does it make sense to combine this with -ffunction-sections, -fdata-sections plus --gc-sections?  Or does LTO make that redundant?

From: Jonathan Wakely
> Did you click on the link and read it?  The second "easy way" doesn't need you to be root.
The second "easy way" doesn't work for me either.  My dev box doesn't have access to the internet.  Sometimes I have to ask other people to download stuff for me or encrypt things as mail attachements.
"Commerzbank we hate technology; we wish it would just go away!"

>  Do you actually need those libraries installed for their own sake, or just because GCC needs them?  If you're only installing them for GCC then it's much easier to follow the method in the link above.
So you're suggesting using the same prefix for all of them.  That would work, but if I screw-up a step in my install it's harder to untangle what I have to delete.

> > This is what caused serious problems for me.  Why would your build system look at prefix for dependencies?
Crazy, well ok now I know.

> > I was looking for a --with-ld.  It finally shows up in --help=recursive, but doesn't mention "linker" or anything I guess I was searching for.
Just a suggestion: maybe mention "linker" on that line.
./ configure --help=recursive |grep linker |grep -v LDFLAGS| grep -v LIBS


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