GCJ debugging quesitons!

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Am running GCJ on cygwin Windows 7.

I have a few compiler errors I can't figure out.

ImagePixels.java:103: error: JuniorJPanel cannot be resolved to a type
JuniorJPanel contentPanel = new JuniorJPanel(getColoredImage(Color.BLACK,300,300));
This is a fabricated java class in one directory.

-How do I specify a new CLASSPATH statement under /etc/profile so that GCJ will see my 
fabricated classes in a directory, such that I will not have to specify further
specific information for each class and that neighbouring classes will be detected?

-If I have extra java lib jar files I want import statements to detect, what do 
I do so that the gcj will recognise them when compiling?

-I find also that my windows executable generated by my cygwin run GCJ
requires cygwin1.dll to work.  Is there a way to avoid needing a seperate file
at all?  Is there an option to build this file into my generated executable?


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