Re: Add assembly instruction to GCC

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On 04/13/2012 02:24 PM, Amir Ghanbari wrote:
> The problem is that the binary being generated is not exactly what I
> want. when I simulate my code, I get an "invalid opcode" error and the
> address of the instruction is exactly where the disassembly get
> screwed up. So I believe that's what's happening. I need to make GCC
> treat that "F0 0F 23" as an instruction and put it in the binary
> intact and don't mix it with other instructions.

GCC has done that.  It's here:

>>>     f0 0f                     lock mov (bad),%db1"
>>>     23 48 89               and    -0x77(%rax),%ecx"

This is your f0 0f 23, just as you asked.


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