Re: GCC 4.7.0 compiling problem Ubuntu

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On 10 April 2012 11:41, Kai Ruottu wrote:
> So they include some substitutes for the usual shared and static
> libraries put into the '/usr/lib/debug/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu'.
> Maybe the '-g3' etc. will cause some extra option for the Ubuntu's
> native linker to use only this stuff ?

CXXFLAGS shouldn't be passed to the linker, and GNU ld doesn't support
-g3 as an option.  I don't think that's related to the problem.

> The usual "look where did the smoke rise" methods should help also
> in this case so looking at the 'config.log' in the :
> $BUILD/$target/libstdc++-v3/src/debug
> should tell where and when the smoke appeared...

Yes, this should help identify the problem.

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