Re: Global Definition Vs Global Declaration

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Thanks Ian.
Yes this is C and no am not using the -fno-common option. However,
DECL_COMMON is returning non-zero for both cases. Its zero only for a
declaration that includes 'static'.


On Wed, Apr 4, 2012 at 2:39 PM, Ian Lance Taylor <iant@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> zahed khurasani <sdzahed@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> How can I distinguish between the following two declarations (both
>> appear outside any function at file scope)?
>> extern int i;
>> int i;
>> Both show up as VAR_DECL nodes in the BLOCK_VARS of the
>> TRANSLATION_UNIT_DECL. Moreover, both return true for DECL_EXTERNAL. I
>> need a way to say which is which in my plugin code.
> I assume this is C, not C++, and that you are not using the -fno-common
> option.  The "int i;" will be DECL_COMMON.
> Ian

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