Re: Transactional memory in MinGW

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2012/4/1 Ángel González:
> On 30/03/12 13:36, niXman wrote:
>> I created the bug-report:
>> I think there is still hope to make Transactional Memory work in MinGW.
> Sure, it shouldn't be too hard, but it obviously needs work.
> Kai Tietz said in the bug that "You have to make sure that pthread-API is
> present, as libitm depends on pthread."

The pthreads library is built and works as expected. The problem is
something else.
Also, in the builds that I use [1], everything that is implemented in
the "std concurrency" at the moment works well. And this confirms the
fact that the pthreads library works.
Just as I said earlier, with my little patch for libitm, libitm builds
successfully. And again, as I said earlier, the code that uses the TM
also is compiled and linked successfully.

Someone can tell where I should look for the problem?




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