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On 28/03/12 08:41, Oliver Kowalke wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd like to use split stacks for my coroutine implementation.
> I found a website from Ian describing how split stack could be implemented in gcc but not how to use it in an application.
> I assume I have to apply the command line option -fsplit-stack and gcc must be compiled with --enable-gold (as described in Ians blog).
> Are some macros defined I can use in the code in order to detect that split stacks are available?
> I assume I've to call a special function similiar to malloc()/calloc() in order to get a new split stack?!
> regards,
> Oliver
I thought split stacks were just the name of the feature of having a
non-necessarily contiguous stack which gets allocated on demand. You
will obviously need some kind of malloc() to create a stack for you, but
as the compiler will need to know about it, probably not anyone works.
There may be some kind of stack_alloc(), I'd take a look at how does
pthread_create() make its stack.

Good luck

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