Re: How can I make my reply to be linked within a mail thread?

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On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 4:12 PM, Marc Glisse <marc.glisse@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Wed, 28 Mar 2012, Terry Guo wrote:
>> Suppose I didn't subscribe gcc mail list, and I want to share my
>> comments for an existing mail thread after I read it in the mail list
>> webpage, what should I do to make sure my reply can be linked into
>> this thread? It seems that composing a mail with subject like "Re:
>> ORIGINAL-SUBJECT" and then sending it to mail list doesn't work.  My
>> email at
>> doesn't get linked to expected mail thread at
> When you ask to see a message in "raw text", you see:
> Message-ID: <000001ccfc22$59706ed0$0c514c70$@guo@xxxxxxx>
> Now when you look at Paolo's reply, it has:
> References: <000001ccfc22$59706ed0$0c514c70$@guo@xxxxxxx>
> In-Reply-To: <000001ccfc22$59706ed0$0c514c70$@guo@xxxxxxx>
> (beware that the web page gets a mangled version for antispam purposes, with
> @ -> at, . -> dot)
> So you need to convince your mailer to add those.

Thanks. I see the difference now.

> I think there may also be ways to ask the mail system to send you some old
> messages, look through the instructions.

I can use instruction like gcc-patches-get.1234@xxxxxxxxxxx. It will
return me an email with expected email embedded in it, not acts like
re-sending expected email to me. Is it possible to let mailing list
re-send the old archived mail?


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