Re: Bare metal ARM Cross compiler for arm-none-eabi target without libunwind?

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On 03/28/2012 11:33 AM, Fredrik Hederstierna wrote:

We generate the map-file, the content tells that (if I understand correctly)

"_divdi3.o"  use "__aeabi_unwind_cpp_pr0" which resides in "unwind-arm.o".

Is it really correct that we need unwind-support if just using division?
Could it be that _divdi3 can 'throw' division-by-zero 'exception' ?
(We have overloaded div0: "void __div0(void) { assert(0); }" so we dont want unwinding here anyway...)

I suspect (but you'll have to check) that this is because _divdi3 is
compiled with exceptions, and this is indeed because division by zero
might throw.  The simplest fix is to compile it without exceptions.
The correct fix is to make unwinding work on your platform.

Sorry I don't fully agree, we don't want the unwinding stuff.
We are very short on flash memory, and we do not want to waste bytes on unnecessary code.

Also, why does it work with 'arm-none-elf', shouldn't it be the same regarding __div0?
The correct solution would be to exclude dependency to unwind from _divdi3 when building a bare metal toolchain.

For me it is also unclear why we need this division by zero exception in the bare metal tool chain. See also:

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