Re: How do I add missing stdc functions to libstdc++-v3?

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Thank you very much for your suggestion sir - this gives me exactly what I need in terms of troubleshooting direction!

On 2012-03-20, at 4:30 PM, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

> Vaugha Brewchuk <vaugha_brewchuk@xxxxxxxx> writes:
>> This would definitely suffice, but it is not happening on NEXTSTEP.  Linking with g++ issues -lstdc++ but -lsupc++ is not getting brought-in.  I have been trying to determine why this does not happen and how to fix it.  I assumed (incorrectly) that it was related to some configuration files, but perhaps it has to do with libtool, collect2 or ld?  Also please note that all these are static libraries because NEXTSTEP does not support building of shared libraries.
> What I'm suggesting is that you need to investigate how libstdc++ is
> built and whether it is being linked with -lsupc++.  If it's a static
> library then libstdc++.a should include the entire contents of
> libsupc++.a.  Presumably that is not happening for some reason; you will
> need to look at how libstdc++ is built to find out why not.
> Unfortunately my first guess would some sort of libtool issue on
> NEXTSTEP.  That is unfortunate because libtool is a complex, difficult
> to understand, shell script.
> Ian
>> On 2012-03-20, at 12:30 PM, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
>>> Vaugha Brewchuk <vaugha_brewchuk@xxxxxxxx> writes:
>>>> What configuration or setup file determines automatic linking of libsupc++?  I would like to fix it such that no manual intervention is required.
>>> Normally libstdc++ is linked against libsupc++, so normally linking
>>> against -lstdc++ is sufficient to bring in -lsupc++.  I do not know why
>>> that does not suffice for you.  In other words, there is normally no
>>> automatic linking of libsupc++ because no such automatic linking is
>>> normally required.
>>> Ian

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