Re: How do I add missing stdc functions to libstdc++-v3?

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I have a quick update.  I was able to find an issue with the way my gcc configuration was using crtstuff.c.  After I corrected it I can now successfully link abi_check with a manual command!

What configuration or setup file determines automatic linking of libsupc++?  I would like to fix it such that no manual intervention is required.

Thank you everyone once again for your help.

On 2012-03-15, at 4:40 AM, Jonathan Wakely wrote:

> On 15 March 2012 03:09, Vaugha Brewchuk wrote:
>> Following your suggestions and looking at the above output, it is obvious that there is no -lsupc++ command passed-on to collect2.  I manually added -lsupc++ to the above command and both of the missing symbols have been imported by the linker!  I am now one step closer to getting abi_check linked - thank you!
>> Now the question is why does g++ not try to link with libsupc++.a?  I will dig through the configuration, but as always any pointers would be very much appreciated.
> I think usually libstdc++ would automatically link to libsupc++, but
> maybe NeXT needs it to be done explicitly.

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