Re: static_assert problem

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On Sun, 18 Mar 2012, Michał Walenciak wrote:

Hi all

here i have a simple example:

template <int a, int c>
void foo()
	if (a > 0)
	  static_assert(c != 0, "fdfd");


void bar()
	foo<0, 0>();

when i compile it like: g++ a.cpp -std=c++0x -c

i get:
a.cpp: In function ‘void foo() [with int a = 0, int c = 0]’:
a.cpp:13:12:   instantiated from here
a.cpp:6:4: error: static assertion failed: "fdfd"

is it right? 'a' variable is not > 0, so static_assert should not be checked

Yes it should. It is a static assertion, whereas "if" is a pure runtime object. There are some people trying to introduce a static version of "if", but that's not in C++11.

Marc Glisse

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