Re: Building gcc 4.6.3 (and older) outside of source tree, under solaris

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> Dennis Clarke wrote:
>>>> And, in fact the file names in the source tree are wrong : they have a bad
>>>> extension : .hp instead of .hpp
>>> Try using GNU tar to extract from the archives, this happens sometimes
>>> with Solaris tar.
>> better yet, use star:
>> If you are on ZFS then star will ensure that the files are, in fact,
>> actually written to the file system and flushed. No promise otherwise.
> I was already using gtar. I'm updating it and will surely try star (I have zfs
> here).
> I don't believe I'm the only one to fall with this problem.
> Thanks for the hints.

Make your life easy, do this :


read the arguments at :

Just extract the bz2 file, then cd into it and run make. Nothing else. No
configure needed. Just run make. Then when you run make install it will place
all the goodies into /opt/schily and you can run star or cdrecord or whatever
from there.

To extract any archive :

star -x -v file=foo.tar

If the thing is compressed use :

star -x -v -z file=foo.tar.gz


star -x -v -bz file=foo.tar.bz2

If you want you can enforce overwrite and a fifo buffer and other
cool little features like retaining the uid/gid from the tarball :

star -x -v -xdir -xdot -U -fs=32m -fifostats -time file=foo.tar

The man page is 100 pages long.  :-\


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