Re: One-definition rule for inline functions

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On 8 March 2012 01:44, Timothy Madden wrote:
> What does g++ do with this template ?
> Does it really compile any templates in each and every .cc file that they
> are used in ?

Yes, as it says at the same page
( templates also
have vague linkage. If you follow the "Where's the template?" link
there's a whole page on the topic: (ignore
the paragraph about "a future version of G++")

You can use an explicit instantiation declaration (i.e. "extern
template") to suppress the implicit instantiation in every file that
uses the template:

extern template void draw_unit_vector<int>();

If you do that then you must ensure that an explicit instantiation
definition appears in exactly one object file:

template void draw_unit_vector<int>();

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