Re: alias of structure members

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Ángel González <keisial@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I'm trying to define some symbols which are just alias to the struct
> members of
> a global/static variable.
> See testcase below:
> struct Foo_struct {
>        int Foodata;
> } Foo;
> extern int __attribute__((alias("Foo.Foodata"))) Localfoo;


> This syntax works fine in gcc 3.4 but seems to have disappeared in gcc4,
> where it complains that the symbol is aliased to undefined symbol.

I don't see any evidence that this actually worked in gcc 3.4.  In 3.4
it would make Localfoo an alias for a symbol named literally
"Foo.Foodata".  it would not make Localfoo an alias for the Foodata
field of the global variable Foo.  I think gcc4 is kindly giving you an
error for something that never actually worked.


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