Re: Error building libgcc: missing setting for CPP

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Paul Smith <psmith@xxxxxxx> writes:

> If I check the "as" shell script, I can see that the "ORIGINAL_*" values
> are all empty:
> and so when we get to:
> case "$invoked" in
>   as)
>     original=$ORIGINAL_AS_FOR_TARGET
>     prog=as-new$exeext
>     dir=gas
>     ;;
> $original is empty, and then later:
>     exec $original ${1+"$@"}
> we exec just the arguments, causing this problem.
> I can't figure out where this is going wrong.  Can someone point me to
> where these values (ORIGINAL_AS_FOR_TARGET etc.) are supposed to be set?

In an ordinary build, ORIGINAL_AS_FOR_TARGET will be set to /usr/bin/as,
and similarly for LD and NM.  PLUGIN_LD will typically be the same as

You said you are building a cross-compiler; make sure that you build and
install a cross-binutils first.


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