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[ gaim-Support Requests-1004380 ] Trillian/other old clients encoding compatibility

Support Requests item #1004380, was opened at 2004-08-06 01:07
Message generated for change (Comment added) made by lschiere
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>Status: Pending
Priority: 5
Private: No
Submitted By: kompot (linuxsucks)
Assigned to: Ethan Blanton (eblanton)
Summary: Trillian/other old clients encoding compatibility

Initial Comment:
Gaim has numerous issues when trying to comminicate via
ICQ with Trillian and some other strange clients (like
- The offline ICQ messages get displayed in ISO-8859-1
and not in the encoding they were sent
- The online messages from these broken clients have
the same problem
- Gaim tries to send a unicode message to Trillian and
Trillian does not support unicode.

When the last two items are related to some 3-rd party
clients and can be considered their bugs, the first one
is obviously a flaw in Gaim itself. 

Here is what I did to fix it to work with Russian properly:
1) changed the encoding for g_convert to WINDOWS-1251
when the trillian gets a non-unicode message with
unrecognized or ISO-8851-1 encoding. 
2) Applied the patch that prevents sending a unicode
messages to Trillian
3) Added a conversion TO WINDOWS-1251 To the part of th
oscar_send_im where it sends the message without any
conversion. I believe that otherwise it was sending a
unicode message to a client that reported that it does
not support it...

The result works fine with Trillian for both ICQ & AIM
- I will keep testing it with other clients. 

I would volonteer to create a proper patch from it and
make the code page (referred as WINDOWS-1251 above ;-)
a configuration parameter. Does it make sense or it is
not in sync with the general direction of the Gaim

For the poor souls who needs the Trillian compatibility
now I attach my very dirty patch. It hack the source
code to support russian only (probably at expense of
some other language - English keeps working fine ;-)


Comment By: Luke Schierer (lschiere)
Date: 2006-10-28 09:42

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This bug is fixed in the most recent version of Gaim.  If you are
not using the lastest version, please upgrade.  If you are using
the latest version, please indicate so and reopen this bug.


Comment By: kompot (linuxsucks)
Date: 2004-08-06 01:09

Logged In: YES 

Forgot the file...


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