[Out of curiosity] Why not use a voice modem for FXO?

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In case there are system developers out there with good experience writing
modem softare, considering that...
1. even a cheap OpenVox PCI card starts at $90 for just one FXO port
2. even entry-level PC's theses days have ample CPU power especially when
just used a basic server with Linux
3. we've been using so-called softmodems (ie. controller-less modems that
offload processing to the computer's CPU) for over a decade and they sell
for about $10 as OEM
4. and finally, Digium/Asterisk's Zaptel driver was precisely meant to run
on cheap voice cards

... I was wondering why no one has gone forth and written a driver for this
kind of hardware, which would be great for SOHO users to handle just one
landline. Is it because the hardware is not standard enough, and writing
this kind of driver takes a lot of work?

Thank you.
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