Re: mod_openzap, sangoma, FAX and HW-HEC

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Hello Moises,

thx. Well I saw a hint for noise reduction capabilities of A104d 
somewhere in the logs during debugging. And it's easy to suppose that 
fax data could be interpreted as noise. On the other hand I'm a bit 
confused because the Fax is transmitted in a digital way, so where 
should the noise comes from (except the quantization noise).

Oh, and I use wanpipe "WANPIPE Release: 3.5.10". Is this version already 
too old?

I will try to activated this new work around to disable HEC per channel 
on demand.

Thx alot to both of you.


On 12.05.2010 21:47, Moises Silva wrote:
> Sorry, the setting should be under [wanpipex] in wanpipex.conf file and
> NOT in the [wxgx] section.
> Moises Silva
> Senior Software Engineer
> Sangoma Technologies Inc. | 50 McIntosh Drive, Suite 120, Markham ON L3R
> 9T3 Canada
> t. 1 905 474 1990 x 128 | e. moy@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:moy@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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