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Re: whitespace issue in font names

On Thu, May 31, 2012 at 3:09 PM, Werner LEMBERG <wl@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> [This is fontconfig 2.8, but looking into the README file of the
>  current git, I can't find something related, so I suspect it's still
>  an issue.]
> There is the font `dustismo_bold.ttf' (from openSuSE's `free-ttf-font'
> package).  fc-scan gives the following output:
> Pattern has 19 elts (size 32)
>        family: "Dustismo"(s)
>        familylang: "en"(s)
>        style: " Bold"(s)
>        stylelang: "en"(s)
>        fullname: "Dustismo  Bold"(s)
>        [...]
> I think that fontconfig should remove the superfluous space so that
> the style is `Bold'.

Though ideally it should be fixed in the font, I'm not sure if it
should be also fixed in fontconfig, because we picks it up from
freetype and it still appears as long as applications uses freetype

BTW what the real problem with it? it looks like fontconfig still
deals with it as Bold though.

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