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Re: high dpi displays

Alan Coopersmith wrote:
On 04/20/12 03:06 PM, Chris Jones wrote:
OT.. but where do you get a 200 dpi display..? My personal dream btw
would be a 17-19" 300 dpi... at least for the time being ;-)


Though http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_displays_by_pixel_density has
a number of other devices, including some notebooks and traditional LCD
monitors in the range as well, such as

Ah, interesting. Well I wasn't *actually* thinking I could get one very soon. It's just that if I do someday, that will mark the time when it's becoming sort of unreasonable to stick with 75dpi bitmap fonts, or I'd need a magnifying glass. Needn't be a bad thing either, because my current cell phone display already tells me that glyphs can look razor sharp at that kind of resolution, way beyond what current desktops achieve even with all their anti-aliasing trickery.
But that's a thing of the future.

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