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[fontConfig]Language based font selection

Title: Samsung Enterprise Portal mySingle


I have many fonts which support "en", but I want to select specific font based on lang element i.e. "en" .

Default LANG variable is en-US.UTF8


My fonts.conf look like this

<match target="pattern">
               <test name="lang">
               <edit name="family" mode="assign">

but still when I debug , I found element "family" was "serif" not "Arial". 

Am  I doing something wrong ?


My understanding of code says :

Lang element was added into FcPattern once FcConfigSubstitute was over, i.e. test condition didnt match because lang element

was not available at all.


What should I configure in fonts.conf to make  such selection ?



Neha Gupta


Samsung India Software Center(SISC),


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