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Re: How to limit search to outline fonts

Hm. "Outline font" is typically another term for "vector font". I checked the Fontconfig source code, and the "scalable" and "outline" attributes are always set to the same value (see src/fcfreetype.c:FcFreeTypeQueryFace).

Quoting Mark Wagner <carnildo@xxxxxxxxx>:

On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 00:04,  <depp@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'd like to search the fonts on a system by family name, but prefer outline
fonts later on the list over bitmap fonts earlier on the list.  For example,
for the spec "Courier, DejaVu Sans Mono":


What am I missing, or is it really that hard to do this?

Since you're contrasting them to bitmap fonts, it sounds like what
you're looking for is "vector" fonts rather than "outline" fonts.  In
that case, I think the Fontconfig attribute you're looking for is
"scalable" rather than "outline".

Mark Wagner

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