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fontconfig configuration for font fallback

Many thanks to Behdad and mpsuzuki, I have my character fallbacks “working” now! J


Now I have added this (below) to my fonts.conf




  <test name="lang">





  <test qual="all" name="family" target="default">




    <string>PrimaSans BT</string>

    <string>PrimaSansMono BT</string>

    <string>Courier10 BT</string>

    <string>Swis721 BT</string>

    <string>Dutch801 Rm BT</string>



  <edit name="family" mode="append">

    <string>HonMincho BT</string>


  <edit name="family" mode="append">

    <string>SquareGothicMd BT</string>




The system always returns MSungGB-C_LTUnivers88 (contains the uniChar), instead of HonMincho BT or SquareGothicMd BT (contains uniChar, but want these to be the preferred).


Do I have anything wrong with the above syntax, or is my code wrong (see attached)?  In the code that I tried ‘forcing’ the family to Arial to try and get it to match the configuration, just for testing purposes.  Do I need to set the ‘lang’ as well?


I basically want to be able to override the fallback fonts for a specific family … if the uniChar is in those fonts, otherwise the standard fallback procedure should then happen.


Kind Regards + Many Thanks,


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