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Re: Can't use <edit> on hintstyle

On 05/16/2010 12:04 AM, Baybal Ni wrote:
> I found that only gtk apps behave this way, all other programs using
> FC work fine. GTK bug?

I already responded and pointed out two cairo bugs that are most probably the
root of the problem.  Now, it seems like you are looking for someone to
provide you with a ready solution.  Unfortunately I don't have time to do so
right now, and opening new bugs doesn't really help.  At the end of the day
someone who understands our text stack needs to sit down and figure it out.
So far no one that fits that description had taken it upon themselves :(.


> On 12 May 2010 03:48, Pedro Ribeiro <pedrib@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On 9 May 2010 03:53, Baybal Ni <nikulinpi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Hello. I applied the patch from gentoo forum and got very strange
>>> results. Everything remained the same and the problem remained except
>>> that in google chrome browser which has (or at least had don't know
>>> how it's now) its own internal fork of fontconfig, fonts began to
>>> render accordingly to my FC settings. I think you should look for
>>> differences between your and google's version.
>> Hi, according to one of the Chromium developers, this is own it behaves:
>> - for the UI it uses GTK settings for fonts (basically ~/.Xresources)
>> - for page rendering it uses fontconfig settings
>> For more information check
>> http://neugierig.org/software/chromium/fonts/
>> Regards,
>> Pedro
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