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Re: Marking glyphs as deliberately blank, per font

Le Ven 27 novembre 2009 12:30, Krzysztof Kotlenga a écrit :
> Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
>>>> What is already there is so verbose very few people use it
>>>                                      ^^^^^^^^
>>> You never know...
>> Fact: I check every single font package that ends up in Fedora. On my
>> system I have
>> find /etc/fonts/conf.d/ | wc -l
>> 239
>> Is that a good enough sample for you?
> No. It doesn't allow you to take an assumption that very few people use
> (and actually understand and are happy with) fonts.conf. There's a
> world beyond Fedora, too.

Ok, then let's just say that among the nitwits that contribute to Fedora, this
syntax is not used widely (said nitwits include the person that did the last
official fontconfig release)

Is that good enough for you and can we go back to fixing stuff please ?

>> This is about things like
>> http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20911
> One of the best answers for such statements is: patches welcome. And it
> usually ends the discussion.

Then: patches welcome. If the current syntax is so great please fix all those
~ 200 fontconfig files using syntax you so like so we have less problems

As long as we end up writing a lot of those files in Fedora (upstreamed when
possible for example the fontconfig files dejavu ships were written by me
before upstreaming) I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for a syntax that
makes our work easier.

> Otherwise someone has to step up and do
> the work, preferably breaking as little as possible and not forcing his
> own "syntax" preferences (it's not even a syntax, because syntax is
> XML). Interestingly, comments on this bug mention that Ubuntu does a
> good job?

I refrained from the obvious snarky answer to this comment so far, don't push
me. Looking at the mess all the Debian-imported rules caused in Fedora, I
don't share their assessment.

Nicolas Mailhot

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