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fc-match for monospace?

I'm very confused about how "fc-match" is supposed to work.

I run something like: `fc-match :spacing=mono`, or the synonym
`fc-match :spacing=100`, yet it does NOT give me a monospace font as I
expected. I instead get:

Vera.ttf "Bitstream Vera Sans" "Roamn"

At the same time, `fc-list :spacing=mono fullname` shows that there
are indeed monospace fonts on the system
:fullname=Free Monospaced
:fullname=DejaVu Sans Mono

What's the deal here?

I want to integrate libfreetype in my application for font searching
in the Linux port. Is it really the case that I won't be able to do
things like allow the user to ask for a monospace font and ACTUALLY
GET ONE? (instead of Bitstream Vera Sans).

Many thanks in advance
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