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Re: Problem with bitmap fonts

Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
> We should fix that by choosing a better sample string.  I've added all the
> needed info in Pango, and drafted a spec about how to choose the sample
> string.  Someone need to go ahead and implement that (hint hint).  In the mean
> time, turning fallback off in the font dialog certainly helps.

How does one go about turning off fallback? A define or a user option?

The only reason I can think of keeping it is that (for example) the 
default GNOME settings should be that the fixed-width font is 
"Monospace" and if a user goes to change that, it should be there as a 
default selection.

I take it that by sample string improvements, you mean that if the user 
chooses "Sans Serif" they get a sample string that says "Bitstream Vera 
Sans" or something along those lines?

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