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Re: Format of cache file are different on 32bit and 64bit system.

Zhe Su wrote:
  I don't know how to make it publicly accessible. You need novell
bugzilla account to view the bug report.
  I'm wondering how to generate both 32bit and 64bit cache in one file
by a 64bit fc-cache. Because we only ship 64bit fc-cache on such
system, though both 32bit and 64bit libfontconfig are available.

That bug is now world readable.

I don't know how the 64 bit fc-cache could possibly generate a 32 bit .fonts.cache, since it just doesn't know what the memory layout is going to be like on the 32 bit arch. Because of this, it seems like the best solution is what used to work and regressed: if you have an exclusively 64 bit fonts.cache-2, then you generate a 32-bit .fonts.cache-2. That should be a simple bug that I should be able to fix.

Stanislav Brabec is not well-informed. Having a local .fonts.cache-2 in no way prevents fontconfig from using ~/.fonts.conf and from caching local fonts. Also, please do not patch your fontconfig to generate .fonts.cache-2-64 and .fonts.cache-2-32. That would be completely wrong.

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