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Re: iconv keeps fc-2.3.93 from compiling

Alan Coopersmith wrote:
Patrick Lam wrote:

Alan Coopersmith wrote:

When we build fontconfig 2.3.2 and earlier on Solaris, we use the iconv()
in the system libc and never use libiconv, and it works fine.   Haven't
tried the 2.3.9x series yet, but I would hope it's the same.

Would it be correct to make fontconfig just ignore libiconv?  It seems
to cause nothing but grief!

For systems that have iconv() in libc?   Probably.   I thought libiconv
was only really useful for systems that don't have it in libc already.

Yeah. The problem is that it seems to cause negative progress, aka grief, for those who do have it in libc and who also have libiconv

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