Re: fio causes segfault after particular of random writes

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On 2010-09-23 14:38, Nikolaus Jeremic wrote:
>  Hello,
> I am using  fio for benchmarking of SSDs and noticed that fio causes a
> segfault after writing about 260000 MB with block size of 4069 bytes
> at random in one job. Writing the same or just bigger amount of data
> sequentially in 1 MB blocks works well. The situation is reproducible
> with several fio versions, i.e. 1.34, 1.41, 1.43, 1.43.2 as of
> 09/16/2010.

That's not good. To help me with this, please do:

- Edit the Makefile in fio, remove the -O2 in there.
- make clean && make
- Run ulimit -c10000000000 or something large like that
- Now reproduce the problem. Fio will segfault again, and produce
  a core file.
- compress the fio executable and core file and send them to me.

Jens Axboe

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